Friday, February 13, 2015

For Lover's Only

All out of Valentine's Day gifts for your paramour? No need to break the bank on lavish gifts when you can give the gift of sensual touch to your love that will leave a lasting memory for years to come. Here Josie Feria, the Director of Operations at Lapis, the spa at Fontainebleau shares with us serious massage moves that will make this V-Day an epic one! 

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Environment; Set the Setting-
  • Lower lights
  • Light candles
  • Warm the room to a comfortable 72 degrees
  • Burn a fragrant candle or incense

  • Use a pillow as a bolster to prop up the legs
  • Oil for massage – use a carrier oil like almond, avocado or grape seed oil and add a few drops of essential aromatherapy oil

Massage technique-
  • Slow rhythmic movements done in a series will produce a sense of relaxation and nurturing
  • Starting on the back left side use long and consistent strokes (effleurage).   Begin at waist and move up to the shoulder – do this 6 / 9 times with sufficient pressure to stimulate circulation and bring a rosy tone to the surface of the skin
  • Move to shoulder and perform slow, rhythmic kneading and rolling motion on the shoulder and the neck with emphasis on muscle from neck to shoulder which undergoes a lot of strain due to office work and bad posture.  
  • Be consistent by counting the number of strokes you use in each area and varying the pressure as you sense the tissue becoming more relaxed under your hands
  • Reapply oil as needed to maintain slip and movement of the hands. 
  • Continue to right side and repeat entire process
  • End the work on the back using both hands in sweeping upward motion through middle of back to nape of neck.  Apply pressure to the spinal column – gently with both thumbs
  • Now on to the scalp/head massage – this is important to massage as the scalp and face hold a lot of stress
  • Turn guest over and place a rolled hand towel – heated in your microwave wave under the neck and one (not rolled) under the back to give warmth and further relax – proceed to add a small amount of oil to your hands and perform a scalp massage by using thumb to apply pressure to temple- center of head and the bridge under the eyes – use the counting method to remain consistent in strokes

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