Thursday, February 12, 2015

Time To Say Good Buy: Smart & Chic iPhone Cases by Ashley Chloe!

Smartphones never looked so chic! From Left: SlimProtect+, SportFit+, PerfectThin+ by Ashley Chloe all priced $29.95 

Les Petites, our smartphones are so much more then just that! These technological contraptions are our life coaches, personal trainers, mirrors and that doodad that captures all of life's ever evolving moments. The quinessential question is what is a great phone without a sleek, stylish and functional protector? Founder & CEO of Ashley Chloe , Ashley Pan has the answer with her ingenious line of phone cases.  The cases feature sleek, anti-slip phone covers that are easy to hold for the contemporary woman-on-the-go. SlimProtect features a durable scratch-resistant, soft-touch protection skin. SportFit is made specifically for the athletic woman with its shock-absorbing dual layer protection. PerfectThin, the ultra-thin and lightweight case is ideal for any woman seeking a svelte yet secure case for the latest Apple mobile product. 

The SlimProtect, PerfectThin, and SportFit cases are available at and on Amazon.