Monday, June 22, 2015

Trending Topic: 'Dare to Wear' A New Look At Makeovers!

Style Expert, Tai Beauchamp
Image Courtesy of TLC 
Les Petites, if you are like me you are over the endless reality shows that berate, stereotype and fill your cerebrum  with insipid images of individuals who aren't engaging in the least (you know those shows!) making you dread even turning on the idiot box. Even worse when another style\makeover show premieres you instantly get that feeling of   déjá vu and frankly that tedious familiarity isn't worth the space on your DVR but les petites I am elated to report that a change has come thanks to TLC's 'Dare to Wear'! The new show featuring style expert Tai Beauchamp pronounced [tahy] [bo-schomp]: - is more then just the standard "now you're pretty" makeover show. DARE TO WEAR literally flips the script on the makeover show construct. Host and style expert Tai Beauchamp asks two extreme fashion disasters on total opposite sides of the style spectrum to switch perspectives by swapping wardrobes. The result is like hitting their own personal style reset button. Not only does this change their outward appearance, but their inner sense of self. After being shocked to learn that they have to swap clothing, these women will spend a day in the other’s clothes. The women gain a new found understanding, and branch out to leave their comfort zone for a head to toe transformation. What I appreciate about the show and it's premise is that Beauchamp does not want to just overhaul their wardrobe she wants the participants to be fully cognizant on why they choose to (or not) adorn  themselves and to improve on this. I bet my money that this show will definitely have people talking and even better wanting to look their very best. TLC’s ‘Dare to Wear,’ Hosted by Style Expert Tai Beauchamp, Brings Women Out of Their Style Funks Fridays at 10:00PM E/P

Style Expert, Tai Beauchamp
Image Courtesy of TLC 


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