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Run For It!

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Photo: Steven Klein
Les Petites, it's the season for renewal and with that comes the need to hit it and move that body of ours - for many people the easiest way to get fit is to put on some sneakers and run for it like Forest. However les petites you should be cautious of potential injuries and  lasting effects that can compromise your life.  Though staying active is important to maintain good health, the question of the correlation between running and varicose veins always tends to come up. In comes New York City’s top vein specialist, Dr. Luis Navarro of the Vein Treatment Center, to discuss the relationship between running and varicose veins - take notes les petites as it's always good to be in the know! 

  • Exercise is very good for vascular health, as it improves circulation by pumping up blood flow.
  •  Any type of exercise that strengthens the "second heart", which is the muscles of the calf and foot – is beneficial.
  • Running is great for vascular health, but be sure to wear sneakers with support so your legs don’t swell when hitting a hard surface.
  • Varicose and spider veins are different. Varicose veins are the thick, ropey veins that protrude out of the legs, and spider veins are the small, thin blue blood vessels that can be seen under the skin.
  •   Both of these conditions are hereditary, but can sometimes be prevented with a healthy lifestyle. For example, avoid cigarettes and a bad diet, and make the effort to eat healthy and exercise. Hormonal birth control can cause these veins to form.
  • If varicose veins run in your family, or if you already have them, wear Graduated Compression Stockings. Compression stockings act like an added layer of muscle, aiding the performance of the "second heart" and venous circulation. They are tight at the ankle, and looser as they go up, which helps prevent swelling and vein formation. These can be purchased at medical supply stores.
  • Spider and small varicose veins can be treated with sclerotherapy – a painless injection treatment. During treatment, a mild chemical solution is injected into the vein that is causing the issue. The sclerosing agent irritates the walls of the vessel, causing it to collapse. The body then reabsorbs the vein and blood is re-routed to a healthy vein, restoring proper venous circulation in the area.

Luis Navarro, M.D.
Diplomate: American Board of Phlebology
Director: Vein Treatment Center, New York
Dr. Luis Navarro, Director of The Vein Treatment Center in New York, NY, and one of the most well-respected and established physicians in the country, has devoted his life's work to the treatment of venous disorders (varicose and spider veins). He founded the Vein Treatment Center in 1982, where he currently holds his practice.  He developed a novel approach to treating varicose veins called Combined Therapies that merges minimally invasive techniques to achieve the maximum cosmetic results. Dr. Navarro's facility, the Vein Treatment Center, remains one of first and only facilities exclusively devoted to the treatment of venous disorders.

Time To Say Good Buy: CHANEL Madness

Oh Coco! Those double C's have been in vogue for lifetimes now and it just never ever gets old. Seen on just about anyone with an ounce of style you can't get it wrong with a piece or two incorporated into your outfit. Here are some haute finds courtesy of that makes us want to good buy! 
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THE POLISH: Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Fracas (left) on hands and Azuré (right) on feet, $27 each;
Photo Courtesy of
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Jennifer Lopez
Photo By Courtesy photo

Les petites, we all know Jennifer 'Jlo' Lopez gives us a dose of good face and this Haute Mama serves it up severely with this simple and attainable look. Here we gathered some beauty finds that every dame (and a few of you gents) should have in your arsenal...Jlo approved (not really but I am sure she loves a good FACE)! 
From Left: Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW™ Pomade $18, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush #12 $18, DUO Brush On Adhesive $9, SEPHORA COLLECTION Celebrity Lash Trio $25, SEPHORA COLLECTION Bulls Eye Lash Applicator $12
Whomever blessed Madame Lopez with this bronzed perfection of a visage kept the eyes down to a minimum and it was all about brows and lashes. These few items are sure to give any eye the pop it needs. 
From Left: BECCA Limited Edition The One Perfecting Brush $49, BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector™ Pressed Powder $38,tarte Maracuja Bronzing Serum $47, Smashbox Step-By-Step Contour Kit $45, SCOTT BARNES BODY BLING ORIGINAL $41, tarte The Sculptor Contouring Face Slenderizer $24, 
This goes without saying that JLo is known the world over for having a GLOW (thanks in part to the talented Scott Barnes) and these items are sure to give any dame or gent the radiance even the sun would be jealous of. 

These Haute Hues From TROI OLLIVIERRE BEAUTY Left: George, Bob, Toni, Atticus, Louis, Parker all $28 by

Unfortunately for me I have no idea of what shade of lipstick Madame Lopez has on but the beauty Gods has blessed us all with Troi Ollivierre Beauty Lipsticks. These matte lipsticks are rich in pigment and better yet won't break the bank. Les petites it's time to say good buy to these hippies! 

Trending Topic: 10 Tips To Cut Gym Co$ts

Photo by David LaChapelle, from Beauty in Vogue, November 2004
Les Petites, it's that time of year again when legions of well intentioned souls seek the solace of a gymnasium to work on their bodies in hopes of transforming their outer-beings to match the one of their dreams. With that comes the overwhelming and sometime deterring tasks of joining a gym- well don't fear les petites we have a some money saving tips courtesy of haute shopping expert Andrea Woroch of Take notes and when you are ready to take that leap keep these wallet friendly tips in mind (your bank account will thank you!). 

1. Max Out Trials
Before you sign up, make sure the gym is a good fit for you. Evaluate classes and instructors and take note of crowds and availability of equipment during the time you plan to use the facility. Most health clubs offer a free week so take advantage of as many complimentary memberships as you can. While sales associates will pressure you to commit after your first day by offering a limited-time discount, don't fall for the trap. Ultimately, you'll lose money by taking the deal if you realize the gym isn't right for you. Stick with the free trial until you're ready to commit, or move on if the facility doesn't meet your needs.

2. Practice Haggling
Signing up for gym is very much like buying a car. Membership associates have quotas to meet and often use high-pressure sales tactics to get you to commit for the long haul. While the new year often brings lots of new member deals, nothing is set in stone and there's always room for a better deal. While scoring a lower monthly rate and waiving the initiation fee should be your primary negotiating priorities, there are other ways to add value to your membership. Ask the associate for the first month free, more guest passes, extra personal training sessions, free towels, complimentary childcare and discounts on spa packages (if offered).

3. Punch It
Paying a flat monthly fee typically works out to less money per visit than a punch pass. However, a recent study by Berkley found members who choose a contract with a monthly fee over a 10-visit pass paid $600 more annually. So if you don't have time to hit the gym everyday or you prefer to be active outdoors, paying per visit may offer a better value and will also save you potential early-termination fees if you want to cancel the membership before the contract is up.

4. Resist the Commitment
You can get a lower monthly rate when committing to a two-year contract, but you'll pay more overtime if you don't use it or want to switch facilities. While you'd like to become a fitness devotee overnight, creating new healthy habits takes time. Before you sign up for a year, try the membership on a month-to-month basis. This way you can determine if the health club meets your fitness needs and if you will actually use it on a regularly basis.

5. Stretch the Definition of Family
Many health clubs provide family membership deals that aren't limited to blood relatives. This means you can sign up with a few friends to benefit from the discounted offer. Find trustworthy friends and designate one individual to make the monthly payment and come up with a reimbursement plan that works for everyone. Whether each person sends the payee a check, transfers money via Paypal or sends one lump sum for the year, work this out ahead of time. It will help you avoid any rifts in friendship that may occur due to financial issues.

Who'a hue is this? Combat Winter Blues with Dr. Gary Foster & Weight Watchers

Winter Blues Credit: Scott Hunt | Getty Images 

Text La PETITE Blog
Les petites have you ever heard of Blue Monday? Not to be mistaken with Cyber Monday or Black Friday when it's about a big ticket purchase - Blue Monday les petites was established as a marketing idea for a travel company to boost sales during the winter. Psychologist Cliff Arnall produced a formula based on factors such as weather conditions, debt level, time since Christmas, time since giving up on our New Year’s resolutions, low motivational levels and feeling of a need to take action. Some argue that there’s no such thing, but there’s no doubt that this is a tough time of year and  this year’s Blue Monday -  January 26 - is a great time to talk about the things that get us down and how to get back on track. Personally speaking this period is especially hard for me being that I lost my mother due to cancer on December 26th and to say that the winter blues have not been a hindrence for me is an understatement. Luckily for me (and you) my friends over at Weight Watchers enlisted their Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Gary Foster to the masses on how we can beat the Winter Blues. Take a gander at the video below and take notes les petites - we shouldn't have to suffer in silence. 

There you have it, this winter does not have to be blue - all we have to do is take the first step to wellness. Big thanks to Dr. Gary Foster and Weight Watchers. 

About Dr. Gary Foster, Chief Scientific Officer at Weight Watchers
Dr. Foster is a psychologist, obesity investigator and behavior change expert with more than 160 scientific publications and three books on the etiology and treatment of obesity to his name. Dr. Foster's research interests include the prevention, behavioral determinants, treatments, and effects of obesity in adults and children. He was previously the Director of the Center of Obesity Research and Education at Temple University in Philadelphia and served as a faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. In his role as Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Foster oversees Weight Watchers science-based program, all clinical research initiatives, and continued program advances.

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Cara Delevingne | Quentin Jones | VOGUE 
Quentin Jones Vogue-commissioned film 'PUNK STORIES' was not only stirring but has awaken our penchant for all things PUNK. Take a gander at some pieces that will make you want to rock out! 
Photo: Courtesy of Quentin Jones Behind the scenes in Punk Stories (Quentin Jones and Cara Delevingne)
From Left:  No. 21 Cesira Mohair Coat $1,700  MODAOPERANDI.COM | ASHISH ruffled beaded jumpsuit $1,475 FARFETCH.COM |Tom Binns SMALL ROSE GOLD SAFETY PIN EARRINGS - $215 TOMBINNSDESIGN.COM |  Kenzo Rose Begonia Mongolian Sheep Slipper $585 MODAOPERANDI.COM | 

Photo: Courtesy of Quentin Jones (clockwise from left) Kenzo 2012; Holly Fulton; Chanel-Les Jades; NOWNESS – Paint Test No. 1

To The Left: Vivetta Pink Hands Collar With Green Nails $130 MODAOPERANDI.COMGivenchy Abstract Print T-Shirt $680 FARFETCH.COMEach x Other Gingham-Trimmed Denim Shorts $110 MODAOPERANDI.COMLaurence Dacade Pete studded suede ankle boots $905 NET-A-PORTER.COM | Chloé Darcey gold-tone Swarovski pearl earring $190 NET-A-PORTER.COM|SCHIELD 'dripping Nose' Necklace $1,494 LUISAVIAROMA.COMCharlotte Olympia GIRLS Pandora Perspex Clutch $600  MODAOPERANDI.COM