Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Do you register? Tomes to Pour Over When You Are Feeling Overwhelmed

Life is this series of mysterious occurrences that I have come to no longer question (well attempt to my very best inclination not to), try my hardest to accept and to empathize with others as well as myself (the latter being the most difficult). Life for it's many baffling reasons can just be hard to endure and for some it's easy to express themselves but for those like me we conceal, contemplate and worry endlessly which just causes anxiety and the foreboding dis-ease which compromises one's quality of life. It's a locality I know all too well and if I could be of service of any kind I would like to share two tomes that have given me a sense of encouragement that yes, life as you know it can easily fall apart but with resilience and a bit of (actually a lot of) self-care/love anything is possible.